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Rex Swartzendruber's
Guide to Collecting Truffles
and Other Mushrooms

Many people write me asking how to truffles and other fungi in their areas. After suggesting locating a mycology club to join and accompany on forays, I tell people that the best place to collect edible fungi of any kind is on the couch. They usually like this info as that is where many people spend a large portion of time.

Equipment neccesary:
1. T.V.- with as large a screen as you can afford.
2. Remote Control- preferably one that is able to control the VCR or satellite receiver as well as the tv.
3. At least a six pack of beer- this allows one to believe that they are solving their problems or the problems of the world as they sit on the couch and watch the tv altar.
4. Snacks- this allows protracted sessions of complete attention to the worship of the television (until the beer begins to be filtered through the body) without having to obtain real food.
5. A note pad- this gives the person a place to write down all that they intend to accomplish and solutions to their and societies problems.
6. A pencil- this facilitates the changing of goals and plans due to the proximity of #1-4.
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