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Rex Swartzendruber's
Wild Mushrooms
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I am now taking orders through TruffleZone.

Mushrooms and Truffles

Order Your Fresh Truffles While The Season Lasts!!!

It's Truffle Time Again!!!,

I am once again harvesting top quality Oregon White Truffles and Oregon Black Truffles! This season the quantities of truffles are limited order early to ensure delivery while the supply lasts.

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This page was updated on November 2, 1998.

These mushrooms are collected by myself and friends on adventure filled forays. They are collected on private property with the owners' permission, on public land with permits and in areas that I have personally propagated in cooperation with the land managers. These mushrooms grow locally and in various other regions of the world. They are recognized as being safe edible fungi.

Anyone trying any mushroom for the first time should only eat a small amount as individual people do vary.

Please send me information about ordering:

truffles to eat
truffles for propagation
dried mushrooms:
Boletus edulis (currently out of stock but available in pound or larger quantities)
Morels (currently out of stock but available in pound or larger quantities)

I am interested in purchasing:

for my household
for my restaurant or catering company
for my brokerage

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How to find mushrooms and truffles!!!!

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