Austin Hot Springs

This is a jpeg of Austin Hot Spring.Austin Hot Springs is another one of my favorite places. The wather here is very hot. There is a large spring across the North Fork of the Clackamas River that is almost a flash point spring (a flash point spring comes out of the ground as steam). The springs on the road side of the river are located under the rocks on the bank. The water here is very hot and is mixed in pools with the river water. Be very careful at this spring as the water temperature may change quickly. There is a "forest legend" (as opposed to urban) about a "lady who put her little doggie into the water without testing to see how hot it was and she parboiled him!" It is not too difficult to believe as the water is very hot and it is right along side of the road so an inexperienced person could do something like that. Don't burn your legs. The hot water does not mix too well with the cold river water and thermal layers occur. One woman that I met there had a plastic plate that she mixed the water with to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Please check out this information about one incident that occured in Austin Hot Springs at

This is a jpeg of Austin Hot Spring.

One of the best things about hot springs is meeting new friends.

Please Remember: Clothing is optional;
Treat the facilities, springs, plants, humans and other animals with respect. On several occasions I have seen Russian immigrants using the springs (there is a large community of these interesting people around the Woodburn area), and they do not like public nudity. They bathe in their clothes. If you have a problem with this, Bagby is about 10 miles away.

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