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At Home in Oregon:
What's Rex up to Now?

I am involved in many varied activities (my mom keeps telling me to get a state job!-{). As I travel the Northwest in search of fungi and hot springs, I don't always find the time to return phone calls and my email sometimes is a bit tardy. I have created these pages so that I am better able to communicate with the rest of the world.

My all-consuming passion is finding fungi. I collect various fungi from the Pacific to the Rockies (well, sometimes I have to go that far :-)

A view of Mt. Hood

The things that I like best about collecting fungi are:

I get to be outdoors and experience the feeling of the forest;
I get to work at my own pace and I am able to stop if I am physically unable to continue;
Finding and identifying different fungi is very exciting (especially when locating and typing out a species that I have never encountered before!);
I get to see the gifts of scenery that make each location unique.

All of these things and many others combine to create a special feeling that I am unable to get in any other way. Even when I am at home, I can recreate this feeling by recalling the vistas along the roads that I travel to get to the fungal colonies, the excitement of the hunt, the good friends that I have met while mushrooming, and the flavor and scent of any number of species of gourmet mushrooms.

Diamond Peak

The peach/leathery smell of a carload of Chanterelles, the spicy/seafood smell of White Matsutakes, the odor of drying King Boletes, the fermented smell of Cauliflower Mushrooms, and the unique aromas of the various truffles all are things that have made my trip through this world worth while.

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I now offer my mushrooms and truffles through TruffleZone.

I also produce videos for various organizations and about topics that interest me.

Here is a list of videos currently available .

Here is some information about some Oregon State Parks (I produce videos about them that are for sale in the park giftshops):

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Here are some places that I like to visit when I am out and about:

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